Thursday, September 17, 2009

Which cable should I cable?

I'm at that stage now where not only have I seperated for the sleeves (yay!) but I need to decide on what cable to include in my ribbing.  I was digging through some of my books and decided that as pretty as some of the designs were, I was going to have to do this over and over across many rows.  Some of the designs would have taken YEARS to finish!
So I have opted for a mock cable, which basicly looks like a cable but is made my cleverly increasing and decreasing in the right places.  I've picked the mock cable pattern from a pattern in Stefanie Japel's "Fitted Knits" called "Saturday in the Park Perfect Dress".  My idea is to have the "cable" alternate with a plain rib, hopefully it will look a little less busy and be a little quicker to knit!

I've actually added a lifeline before i start the cables and ribbing, which is a peice of yarn threaded through all of the stitches on my needle and means if I need to rip back to where I started, those stitches with the yarn threaded through won't undo and I can reinsert my needle without having to worry too much about dropping stitches.  It takes the pressure off, worrying that this might not be the right combination of cables, and means i can go back and pick another if I need to.

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