Friday, October 2, 2009

The Incident

Today I was going to post a picture of two or three inches of cables and ribbing.  That is how much I’d gotten done in the two days since taming those stitches!  I’d devoted a whole afternoon to counting and recounting my stitches, making calculations, recalculating, test knitting and convincing myself that it was going to work.  That was before I picked up my needles today and found a large, gaping and slightly damp hole just above the lifeline I’d added to save myself from my OWN mistakes.  This is the price I pay for having a small puppy. So today I spent the afternoon ripping back yarn with a small mohair content (there is fluff everywhere), not fun.  I got it back to the lifeline, and tried it on as I hadn’t done before “The Incident” and have now decided it needs another two inches (ish) of plain stockinette stitch before i start the ribbing up again.  I can’t complain, stockinettte is easier than cabling and 2x2 ribbing and by the time most of you have read this I’ll have already started cabling again!

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