Thursday, December 24, 2009

Seal of Approval

PC230001 At least now I’ve found a recipient for my blanket!  Poppy is almost 9 months old now and still absolutely tiny!  She loves my handknits but has an annoying habit of trying to lie on them whilst I’m still knitting!  She also has a bear I knitted as a test which she carries around by one arm.


It’s amazing how big this blanket gets without any real effort though.  It’s now got to about the size where I can lay it on my lap instead of leaving the weight of it to hang annoyingly from it’s ten stitches on my needles.  I’ve already knit up all the yarn from my failed project and have almost knit up a further 50g ball as well.  I have 250g left to use (which is only half of what I bought) but I’m worried if I’ll have enough to make a big enough blanket!  At the moment one 50g ball goes around about one and a half times so I’m looking at maybe another sevenish revolutions, maybe less.  Watch this space!

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