Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ten Stitch Wonder

Well it’s been a while, readers, about which I apologise. Since my last update I have moved house though, so I feel it’s not all my fault! In truth I’ve had a number of knitting failures and it’s left me feeling a little uninspired to knit. I’ll go into more detail about that at a later date but for now I’ll show you something I feel a little proud of!


P4110009This is the Ten-stitch Blanket I was working on that Poppy decided was for her. Those are my toes, for a sense of scale! I’ve nearly finished it, in fact this is how far I am from the end, but ironically I’ve run out of yarn! I’m hardly about to go out and buy any more of this stuff so I’m weaving in the tails I’ve left as I’ve joined new balls, and then using the off-cuts to knot into one big length to try and get a bit more of it done. After that if I’m still short I’m just going to have to use some white acrylic double knit to finish it off. I doubt Poppy will complain anyway!

In other news, the Garden Path Shawl I started in January has ground to a halt and I’ve started to design a new lace scarf. I’ve also recently started my first cross stitch project, which is going well apart from some fixable mistakes! I’ve not started any new afghan squares, but it’s on my list of things to do. I think I’m about half way through that now, it’s an epic project!

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