Monday, June 14, 2010

A Whole Lotta Yarn (And A Bit Of Paint)

I love knitting socks, they’re less work than a sweater but more interesting than a scarf.  The problem is that when you finish the first sock you’ve got it all to do all over again!  When I finished the first sock I took a break to consider what I’ll do with the almost-finished blood shawl.  I’ve run out of yarn and all efforts to find more have failed.  I really like the yarn and the pattern, so I wound up all the yarn on my ball winder (scary to see all that work disappear in all of about 2 minutes!), and cast on for my second sock!P6040008  It’s funny how it looks like a lot less yarn than I started with!
In other slightly related news, I painted my living room last week and it matches my yarn!

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