Monday, October 6, 2008

Christmas already?

It's my Nan's birthday today and I haven't knitted her a present. I know that's really awful, but she's in a care home and I couldn't think of anything to knit (hats scarfs and gloves are all out of the window since she doesn't go outside, and a lot of things tend to be stolen as well!) and now I have no time left. I feel like such a bad person :(
I've had migraine after migraine this week so I've stuck to knitting the christening shawl - mum's scarf has taken a back seat for now until my eyes can focus on the yarn without feeling like they're about to fall out. Don't get me wrong, the yarn is gorgeous and a dream to knit with, but it's so fine that I'm going cross-eyed just to differentiate between it and the needles!
Actually, that's not the only reason I've been trying to crack on with the shawl, I've been getting a few emails enquiring about knitting services, and there's one in particular I'm really intrigued about, it'd mean regular(ish) orders which would be ideal for some extra saving money. Trouble is that where I'm a fairly competent knitter, my negotiating skills are inversely proportionate! I know I knit to a good standard, but putting a price on my skills just seems to blow my brain out of the water for some reason, which is bad when I'm trying to pimp out my services!
The shawl seems to be doing a tour with me at the moment, everywhere I go, people seem to want to see it. There's a lady where I keep my horse who wants me to bring it down and show it off, then I'm taking it to my counselling session tomorrow too. I'm actually part way through the 11th triangle, after this another 5 to go and then the border! I feel like I've been knitting this for ages and although I feel the achievement of casting off each triangle, it seems I aught to be a lot further through it than I am! Still, can't wait til it's finished, but I'm worrying now that I may have to post it instead of giving it to her in person. I'm already planning the box I'm going to put it in, which is going to get bigger and bigger in my head as this things continues to grow - I sewed together two squares last week (really proud of my seeming, it looks so neat!) and without any sort of blocking was nearly as tall as me when I held it up! This is going to be one warm baby...
As knitting time until D-Day (Christmas) diminishes, I keep thinking what I should knit for family and friends. Mum's already had her early Christmas present this year - I bought her a Wii Fit for her to play with and hopefully lose some weight. Bought dad some books for his birthday so I was thinking of knitting him a bookmark to go with it, but the only patterns I've seen are for sock wool at the heaviest, so I might have to make it up as I go along - I've some left over DK acrylic in red green and white (lovely christmas colours!) so am tempted to do something colourful, maybe with cables. No idea what I want to knit for friends yet, I've a special friend who is hopefully reading this right now and will soon be moving into his new house, so I'd like to knit something cool that he can use, but will look cool AND be thoughtful at the same time, Thinking hats on please!
I hope I'm not the only person who is thinking of what they may be receiving on that day either. I've been hearing all the chatter about circular needles with interchangeable tips, and the more I hear about them the more I want a set! The other thing on my list is a ball winder, not because I have no patience whatsoever to constantly wind a bit of yarn around my hand a million times and in the process giving myself RSI, but because when I manually wind a ball it's so untidy, and that's if it doesn't fall apart! I want some pretty stitch markers too, the more horsey themed the better! I'm sick of my plastic ones, they're ugly!
As I'm re-reading this post, I'm realising that not only is there no pictures, but there's also nothing I've spoken about that needs illustrating with any. Which is boring. So I'm going to finish this off with a pretty picture of my pony, who is gorgeous and my reason for being :-)

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