Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have a tangle of snake-like border sat in my lap. Yes that means I've finally finished knitting, I knit the last row at work today! I now have the arduous task of sewing the damn thing together but first I think I'm going to iron it to try and get some of the curliness out - I think it could be a little unruly otherwise! More to come on this late next week as I'm off on holliday on Friday!

I'm a little irate with angel yarns regarding my purchase I told you all about.I ordered some yarn from them and the payment was finalised and I thought that was that, but no! I had an email about two days later saying that it wasn't in stock and wouldn't be delivered for up to a month, which was really awkward since it was intended for a holiday project.I knew I was cutting it a tad fine by ordering about 12 days before I was due to go, but I don't think I could have prepared for a whole month's shipping time! On their website they state that they don't accept cancelations by phone, only by post or email, so I sent them an email on Friday morning to cancel the order (I received their email late on the Thursday night) and I've still not heard back yet, or had the money refunded to me. Quite cross about that!I'm going to give them another week and if I still havent heard anything I'll have to call them (eek! i hate calling people!) But on the plus side I then went on the kemps wool shop website (links on the left) and bought two balls of Wendy's "Serenity Aran" in "Purple Haze" which arrived two days after I ordered it and only cost me £6.54, a saving of about £8 compared to what I'd bought from angelyarns, but then kemps wool shop is known for being super-cheap! Will definitely order from them again!

I'm going to go and mull over what needles I'm using for my new scarf, i think i may have to frog something else that I've been avoiding to steal those needles for it, and I have SO much sewing and ironing to do!

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