Wednesday, December 3, 2008


As normal, Ive been meaning to update this but just havent gotten around to it.

Finished a few bits and peices and have finally uploaded the photographs for it! So, in no particular order:

The little baby hat I knitted ages ago and didn't post photos for... if it looks an odd shape it's because its perched on a spindle of cds! I think you can just about see the yellow flecks in the bobble, it came out quite well really!

This is the palindrome scarf i half-knit on holliday in about 3 days, the other half took another 2 weeks! It's made from wendy serenity Aran and is in colourway purple haze. I never ever take it off, it's just too warm. Oh, and it's 6 foot long! A quick note to anyone considering the pattern - there is so much cabling that your hands will fall off. Seriously.

This bookmark took me about 2 hours to knit in total, although i did it in little bits because 2-stitch cabling is hell on my fingers, and I'd already knit enough cables to last me the year when i made my scarf! I used a stitch pattern from a dictionary, and added the border, a tassle and an eyelet to feed it through. If anyone wants the pattern, I'd be willing to pass it on, I prudently wrote it down as i was doing it!

These are my first pair of socks I've knitted - I bought a lovely set of 5 2.5mm dpns called "purple pins" from Knit n Caboodle (prompt delivery, didn't charge until dispatch) which have been my inspiration, after all you need to have the right tools to start with! I knit them with the super expensive chi sockyarn which i bought at The Natural Dye Studio open day thingy i went to in the summer, and they're so comfy, but i feel so guilty about wearing them cos they're handwash only... The surprising thing about the yarn though was that i only used 45g of it to make this pair of socks, so I've just started a second pair...

This is little blue teddy, the first of two i intend to knit (one in blue, one in fawn). This little chap is for a little boy being born in early january, and will be sent off along with all the other little things i knitted. The pattern is from jean greenhowe's Traditional favourites - The knitting was as easy as pie but the sewing up was another matter. The head, no matter how hard i tried, would not go on straight. I matched up seams to the best of my ability, but after sewing around the neckline, looked more like one of those tortured teddies that end up being used as some sort of voodoo doll for children! I eventually managed to get the neck so that he was looking in a more healthy direction, but it's still not straight and I'm not unpicking it again! The scarf was made from some white acryllic, couldn't tell you what it was though except that it was the first ball under my questing fingers. And thank god I've always got half a ball of some sort of black yarn lying around! Now all i have to do is work up the motivation to get the other one done too (will be posted to a lovely friend who is attempting to help me through my degree, more on that later!)

Thats all my finished objects... now i look back I've actually done quite a lot!

Update on shawl - it's still not finished - the sewing of the border has gone badly, it is in the naughty corner and will probably stay there til after christmas now. After hours of faffing about and arguing with my mother about how the corners should be sewn, we finally decided on a corner shape. The long and short of the problem is in the fact that she got the measuring tape out, made lots of precise calculations about how much of the work to use for the corners and how much would be needed in between, then completely disregarded them and pulled a different number out of thin air. Guess what? It doesn't fit. I don't want to talk about it anymore, it makes me sad.

Been planning as a future project a pair of rather theatrical armwarmers from some mohair that Mo sent me, with pointed cuffs that come down over my hand, and a big thick ribbon to lace it up the side, since I'll be knitting it straight I think. Unless i pull off the 3 rows i knit to start a top on my 4mm circs... Now there's a thought!

In other news, my love life still sucks and will remain in such a condition because there is no such thing as men when it comes to the equine industry, seems like what few there are go into hiding or something! It's gotten so bad now that i have various family members keeping their eyes peeled for me!
My degree is confusing the crap out of me but that isn't anything new. It's not the learning bit that is confusing, it's the process of organising to take exams and do coursework and the general administration of it all. I'm not the best person for getting out there and talking to people, and when i get worried about things i have a tendancy to get over-emotional about it and panic over nothing.
And I've still not had my refund from angelyarns yet. And it's been 2 months. Not Happy.


Anonymous said...

Over the past 2 weeks I have been in dispute with Angel Yarns over a refund on an order placed in October 2008.

I would like to comment without prejudice on the Angel Yarns Forum which I have been reading as a Guest, notably the Thread “Need a Little Buyers Advise” following the Thread I am in agreement with the view of an Angel Yarns Forum member about the need to name Traders that flaunt UK Trading Standards.
Angel Yarns forbid the naming of such Traders within their Forum Rules.
I suggest by restricting the use of naming Traders in such an authoritative manner is nothing more than unadulterated censorship to prevent damaging publicity against themselves being Posted on their own Forum.

Scrolling on through the various sections within the Forum I came across “Our Happy Place” that includes “Tess wrote” well I nearly fell off my chair laughing. I have not read such a load of waffle for a long time.
I had to have a drink of water to recover.

Whilst I agree with the use of moderators and the censoring of any obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or any other material that may violate the laws of the country, I can not agree with a policy of not allowing open debate within a Subject heading.
A Forum is a place to express yourself, a medium in which the public may debate an issue or express opinions exercising common sense while refraining from libellous comment, whether it be knitting or quantum physics.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased that you have now been refunded by “Angel Yarns” it is a sad state of affairs when Traders treat their customers with contempt.
Present trading conditions in the Retail market are so difficult Angel Yarns should be fostering a better Public relations image than they have recently.

I’m not sure if you are aware but there has been similar debate on the “Laughing Hens Forum” where the restrictive practice of naming Traders that flaunt Trading Standards appears to have been accepted within certain limits I'm sure!


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