Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FO: Blood Shawl

It’s finally finished! I cheated slightly because I knit it shorter than it was meant to be, I think I’ve got about 75g of yarn left and I can’t be sure that would have been enough for the full length version. Still it’s a really nice length for me – the point skims my bottom (I'm quite short!).



Pre-blocking. I also hadn’t sewn in the ends, I was that excited for it to be finally “finished”!


I blocked it on the futon mattress thingy, which is a small double. It wouldn’t fit length-ways and only barely diagonally, it looks a bit wonky and if I had more room the points would be pointier, but it looks ok now it’s dry. I think if I start knitting more shawls I’ll at least need something decent to block stuff on!


Finished! Sorry for the bad lighting but it was late evening by the time I had taken all the pins out and finished parading around in it! Once I get a photo of it in action I’ll post it here.

Vital Statistics:

The Pattern: Garden Path Shawl by shui kuen kozinski

Yarn was: Rowan Pure Wool Aran in “Blood”

Needles needed: 5mm (pattern called for 5.5mm

Other stuff needed: Stitch markers – I used 8 bits of knotted yarn, which I think are just as good as anything you can buy!

Knitting Time: About a month

Amount of sewing up to do: none except for sewing in ends!

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