Monday, December 6, 2010

Communication Breakdown

I wrote a brilliant and detailed post yesterday about how deviating from a pattern can really get your creative juices flowing, but somewhere between my phone and the blogosphere it has disappeared into the ether, so you'll just have to imagine how wonderfully witty and instructive it was. 
The object of the post though was to update you on my progress with the Aeolian.  I had a slight mishap because of a confusion between two double decreases - SK2P and S2KP, basically I've used centred decreases all through the bits which should have been left slanting. I only worked this out when I actually came to do a centred double decrease and had that "oh god" moment way too late to actually do anything about it.  After much discussion over on the Ravelry Lace Knitter’s forum, it's now a "pattern modification"!  That aside, I'm plugging along with the transition chart and am planning my attack with the two agave repeats. The edging looks far too complicated to worry about just yet!

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