Thursday, September 20, 2012

Long Time No Post

So, almost two years between posts…  At least there is a lot I can tell you about!  In a nutshell, there are a lot of finished projects, started projects and hibernating ones.
I think when I last left you I was part way through my Aeolian shawl, which is finished and the most beautiful think I think I have ever knit.

What you can see in the Left hand corner is actually my foot.  I took the photo whilst blocking the shawl on my spare bed, and had to stand on the edge of the bed to get most of it in the shot!

I also knit the sweetest jacket for a family down the road who had just adopted an equally if not more sweet little girl.  However my new pet-hate is now patch-pockets.  I’m convinced there is a much simpler way to make pockets after-the-fact, one which doesn’t involve steeking!

I’ve knit a lot of other things which I don’t have photos of.  I have started knitting up orders for my local yarn shop so I have been knitting a steady stream of baby cardigans and hats, as well as a few christening shawls.  Scarves made from a fashion yarn called “Loopy” were all the rage over Christmas, and I knit up more than my fair share of those!  It comes in all sorts of colours so most of the family got one.
Almost six months ago, my brother- and sister-in-law had their first child.  They didn’t know whether it would be a boy or girl, so at first knitting anything wearable was nigh on impossible.  Instead, I made her a little bear:

The pattern is from Jean Greenhowe’s “Traditional favourites” and is a pattern I’ve knit before, with great success.  The only real difficulty is sewing the bits together, but it is definitely worth the end result!
The ribbon was actually from a Christmas cake.  I’m a terrible hoarder!

There have also been socks made from Wendy “Happy”.  100 grams of this beautiful bamboo 4-ply easily makes me two pairs of ankle socks.  I knit “Anastasia” and a pair of trainer socks of my own devising.  I tried out Cat Bhordi’s Sweet Tomato Heel on both and I’ve got to say I love this heel!
Finally, my Great American Aran Afghan is almost entering the home straight!  I’ve almost finished the 24 squares the book provides, just the grafting left to do on one of them (I think that explains why I keep putting it off!).  All that's left is to design and knit a 25th square, and knit the border.  and obviously sew everything together…

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