Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Week

Monday: Cone of black yarn arrives, promised by mother-in-law, gets buried in van-full of bedroom and living room furniture, bed and half a tonne of curtains and bed linen.  I do love when my family have a sort out!

Thursday: Rediscover yarn and idly search out shawl patterns that require double-knit.  Wonder if yarn really is double-knit but then remember as yarn is definitely thicker than 4ply and is technically meant for machine knitting then is probably oiled (and so looks thinner anyway).  Find perfect shawl pattern for mother-in-law.

Friday: Decide said shawl would be better in something chunkier, like Aran, but as sister-in-law dyes and cuts my hair for free and does a far better job than any hair dress I’ve ever been to, then she definitely should have something special for Christmas.  Spend evening trawling Ravelry for more shawl patterns.  Find Lunar Moth Shawl but realise they only have the pattern for the aran, 4ply and laceweight versions.  Decide to fudge it.

Sunday: Still resisting urge to put super secret project on holders and cast on for shawl, as shawl needs same needles.  Have just got to patterned bit in super secret project, so will at least finish the end of the body first – that way no loose ends!

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