Monday, May 10, 2010

Election Day / Father’s Day socks

P5100009 So I picked the boyfriend socks pattern again, because it’s a nice compromise for the man who wants plain plain plain, and the knitter who thinks boring boring boring!  I’m finding it a bit tougher than last time because I have darker yarn and can’t quite see the stitches properly unless I’m right underneath a bright light, but the Cygnet 4ply “truly wool rich” I’m using is turning into a really pleasant yarn to knit with.  Plus it’s superwash wool, so I might be using what’s left over to make some for myself!  I did most of what you see on Election Day itself (and what a farce that turned out to be!) but because the yarn was delivered in an extremely timely fashion almost a week before(thanks Modern Knitting!), I had already cast on, knit the toe and started the foot so I got the fiddly bits out of the way at least!

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