Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second Sock-itus

I’ve finished the first sock, but there’s only so many sock pictures I can put on my blog without being called a fetishist.  I’m 22 rows away from finishing the second sock’s foot (toe-up remember, so a little under half way) but that I got that far is a miracle in itself.  I cast on the second sock no less than five times, once I even managed to finish the toe increases before I ripped it back and started again.  The figure-of-eight cast-on is a pain in the bum to cast on from (for a demonstration click here), but I like the seamless effect it gives and I hate grafting so I guess it’s the best way to do it and it best just to get on with it.
Today I had a sock revival – my first socks were dug from the back of my sock drawer and they go perfectly with my blue tie-die shorts.  Natural Dye Studio’s “Chi” paired with the violet green sock generator.  Sock inspiration!

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Soo said...

Thanks for the encouragement on the Wedding Ring Shawl -- at the moment I can't imagine it'll ever be done!!

I'm loving your GAAA squares - that project has been on my list for ages but dropped off my radar somehow. Think it's time to move it back up to the top!!

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