Saturday, May 15, 2010

Slow Sock Knitter

socks collageI don’t know how all these sock knitting bloggers manage to have pairs of socks done in under a week.  As you can see after three or four days since I last blogged, Election day/Father’s day socks have grown by all of about an inch and a half! Maybe another pattern repeat and the ribbing, then I’ll be finished.  Second Sock Syndrome here we come! 

Might do a smaller pair for myself afterward but I have a huge list of other projects to sort out too.  Unravelling and reknitting my blood shawl is a big priority, and of course I need to finish some more GAAA squares, not to mention the cross stitch that is still sat in the naughty corner! 

Half way through a project is of course the time when you get to pondering new projects, and i know someone who would appreciate a green and gold Manchester United/Newton Heath football scarf.  I’ve yet to finish my lace scarf design, although I’ve cobbled together most of the pattern and now it’s just fine tuning the details (the bit that i hate). I’ve also still got the ball of fawn coloured crepe acrylic that I was going to knit a teddy with, and I’d still like to do that but with a few tweaks to the pattern I used last time.  The trouble with keeping my stash in clear plastic bags is when I walk past them, my brain goes into overdrive!

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