Monday, October 29, 2012

Poppy’s Puppies

Warning: Lots of cute pictures and videos!

About six months ago we had a litter of puppies from our gorgeous jack Russell, Poppy.


IMG00132-20120430-2119On the 30th of April 2012 at 3:30pm Poppy started going into labour – an hour an a half before I had to leave for an exam!  Luckily the other half was on hand to keep a check on her until I got home.  At around 6:45 she had the first pup – Ralph, who was huge!  I was back by seven, and no sooner had I walked through the door when Dave arrived, closely followed by Rosie.  She had a bit of a break then, and half an hour later Wee Man and Bramble came into the world!  Wee IMG00137-20120501-0859Man was so-called because he was the runt at birth although now it’s definitely Rosie!

We didn’t really take many pictures after these until their eyes opened, which was funny to watch too!  Dave wasn’t so sure so only had one eye open for about two days.  Rosie opened her eyes and then closed them again until the day after!


Here’s Ralph and Wee Man, who is pulling tongues:

Once their eyes were open they started getting a bit more active.  We had built them a  little cardboard enclosure to keep them from getting lost in the living room (and to keep the mess in one place!).  It was about now that they started escaping to explore more of their surroundings! 

IMG00146-20120528-1001Rosie (left), Dave (right) and Bramble (on his back):






IMG00150-20120608-0900Ralph (top left) Wee Man (top right) Rosie (middle) Dave (bottom left) Bramble (bottom right):






IMG00151-20120611-1637One of Rosie’s favourite pass-times is picking on bramble.  Here she’s about to nibble his leg.  Poppy’s favourite pass-time is cleaning things, and here she is cleaning Dave’s ear!




Here’s some videos of them playing in the garden (They might take a while to load depending on your connection):

Sadly at seven weeks, we lost wee man, but Dave and Ralph are still with us and Rosie and Bramble are with my parents, getting spoilt rotten!

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Adorable! Thanks for posting the pics, they're so cute!

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