Friday, October 26, 2012

Progress Report

It’s amazing how long it takes to knit a sleeve.  I’m still on the first one of my secret project, but at least I’m an inch or so from the end.  I’m going to try putting a row in between each bit of joined i-cord because my other attempt came out a bit tight.  The bad thing though about sleeves is that I’m about to do it all over again!

jpegThe Luna Moth has stalled in favour of the simpleness of the above project.  I’m up to the fourth chart repeat and I’m deliberating a fifth since it’s still quite short, but I’m not sure how long it’ll go after blocking...  I think the plan is going to be to finish the repeats before I start the edging  so that I have a better idea of how many beads I will have to buy.  I’ve decided on the matte black because I like the oily colours and it will break up the darkness of the yarn.

My mum’s asked for a new jacket for Christmas.  You might remember I knit her a jacket for Christmas 2009 (and blogged about it here and here).  She’s asked for Therapi from knitty’s winter 2008 issue and I’ve been looking at yarn – she’s asked for grey again!  I’m not ordering the yarn yet though since I’m going t be good and finish some other things first!

Lastly I’ve still got more Great American Afghan squares to photograph, although I’ve still not finished the grafting on two of the squares.   I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Ace on Tuesday so I’m going to try and work out how to use it and hopefully get those pictures sorted at the same time!

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