Friday, October 12, 2012

Secret update

Why does casting off the body of something always give that false feeling of being finished? 

I used a 3 stitch I-Cord to finish the bottom of the jacket (I tried a 4 stitch one but it didn’t look very I-Cordy!) but I’m unconvinced that it’s not too tight, so I may have to undo that at a later date, depending on how it wears.  The bottom wasn’t meant to pull closed anyway so I may yet get a reprieve.  I stopped about an inch and a half from where I had measured to, but I don’t think it will be a problem – in fact I think it might look better that way anyway – so  I’ve started the sleeve with probably the last 50g of the first ball.  The sleeves wont have any shaping to them, and will be finished in the same way with I-Cord.  I’ve stopped having that nagging feeling that there won’t be enough yarn, but i doubt that will last for long!

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fleegle said...

Qiviut feels something like cashmere, but softer :)

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